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Text Japaneseization

Filling Japanese into your website 

SEO Writing 

Operation Guide 

Keyword suggestions 

Report (competitor information, etc.) 

SEO hacks in your industry 

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・Text Japaneseization

  # We will provide you with Japanese text for your website

 ・Filling Japanese into your website

  # We will set up the Japanese pages of your website for you

・SEO Writing

  # We will create Japanese text with SEO-conscious keywords, etc.

・Operation Guide

      # We will provide you with an operation guide after the website is converted to Japanese.

・Keyword suggestions

  # We will suggest keywords that may be effective for SEO.

・Report (competitor information, etc.)

  # We will provide you with a report that includes competitive information and other information on SEO

・SEO hacks in your industry

  # We will negotiate with comparison sites and information sites that rank highly for keywords in your industry to see if we can submit your ads to them.

・Digital Marketing

  # We will propose & execute total digital marketing other than SEO.